Jesus Christ, who is sovereign, looks at all of your life and declares, "That is mine!"

NEW TITLES: Coming Soon

Tentatively titled Standing Firm: Christians in the Cultural War, our next title is a collection of essays introducing the concept of a Biblical worldview. Author Bill Phillips identifies principles that are foundational to a Biblical worldview. Pastor Bill Phillips is founding pastor of Fellowship of Grace, PCA (Peoria, Arizona).

Essays include:

  • Understanding God's Cultural Mandate
  • Taking Every Thought Captive
  • The Christian vs. Humanism
  • The Christian vs. Relativism
  • The Christian vs. "Tolerance"
  • The Battle for Life
  • The Battle for Marriage and the Family
  • God's Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission

Standing Firm: Christians in the Cultural War is tentatively scheduled for release in mid-2010.

Every Square Inch: Selected Interviews
. We will be releasing a collection of interviews from the radio show Every Square Inch in 2011. Every Square Inch
is the radio ministry of the Arizona Christian Worldview Institute. These interviews cover a wide range of topics as guests discuss how they live out a Biblical worldview in various areas.